March 16, 2011

Video game diplomacy?

Video games, like any other medium, for good or evil.

So yeah, I’m going to write about the geeky article, and raise you an even geekier premise: video games can also be used for good, not just propaganda. Maybe not really diplomacy, but you get the idea.

Many modern video games, first-person shooters in particular, could certainly be called propaganda, especially when they are set in real-world past wars against past enemies, like Modern Enemy mentioned in the ‘Interactive Goebbels’ article. Few video games could be construed with advertising or education, but some are starting to move in that direction. They have learning games for kids, and maybe the possibility for even more.

Its all about crowd-sourcing, getting many people together to do things together and solve problems, according to the Institute for the Future and this TED talk here:

If diplomacy evolved past the blatant propaganda posters of WWII, perhaps simplistic video games with propagandistic settings will follow suit.

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